Have You been Injured As a Result of a Defective Product?

We Can Help You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Serious personal injuries can occur as a result of a defectively designed or manufactured product. Manufacturers and distributors have a duty to provide products that are safely designed and manufactured. Product manufacturers and distributors must provide instructions and warnings to ensure that consumers know how to use their product in a safe manner. If you have been injured because of a defective product, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys can assist you in filing a lawsuit.

What is classified as a product defect?

You will find defective product lawsuits under state law. Depending on the state, the lawsuit can claim strict liability, breach of warranty, or negligence to the defective product. Three types of defects are listed below that can lead to a personal injury case:

  1. Design Defect: Flawed design of the product before it is even manufactured
  2. Manufacturing Defect: Flawed product before introduced to the market
  3. Marketing Defects: Advertising or labeling of the product can be misleading of a product. For example, warning labels, product purpose, instructions, and more.

The responsible party depends on the type of defect. It is essential to consider that multiple parties may be at fault, and legal action should be implemented on any of them. A personal injury attorney will determine all the parties involved in your defective products and ensure that legal action is taken appropriately.

Criteria to consider for a product liability lawsuit:

  1. Directions for the product were followed and a warning label was considered
  2. The product was used properly in the manner it was intended

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