Let Our Labor Law Attorney Help You Understand Employment Contracts

Whether you are a business owner looking for prospective hires or an employee starting out at a new company, you may be required to sign or draft employment contracts. While they may resemble guidelines included in employee handbooks, employment contracts are considered a legally binding or an “enforceable promise” between an employee and an employer. At Napierski, VanDenburgh, Napierski & O’Connor, LLP, our labor law attorneys have extensive experience advising clients about what to look for before entering into a contract with an employer.

These contracts should address aspects of employment including salary, benefits, and termination procedures to ensure that both parties understand the parameters of the job and what is expected during their employment.

Some of the major issues that should be addressed include:

  • Salary, bonuses, and other compensation issues
  • The scope and duration of any non-compete, non-solicitation, or other restrictive covenants
  • The right to terminate employment
  • Severance issues
  • Employee grievance procedures
  • Confidentially agreements
  • Health benefits, vacation policies, and sick leave

Employment contracts are often cited in cases of wrongful termination or violations of employee conduct. Whether you’ve suffered an on the job injury, become disabled, or have been a victim of discrimination or sexual harassment, it is important to seek legal representation who will help you understand your rights.

With experience in labor laws, OSHA regulations, and malpractice, at Napierski, VanDenburgh, Napierski & O’Connor, LLP, our team offers skilled personal injury attorneys who will work hard to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Our law firm will review any existing employment contracts and recommend the best course of action. Throughout the years, we have represented executive, industrial, and healthcare sector clients. Whether you need assistance with negotiation or the enforcement of an employment contract, contact our labor law attorneys today.

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