Malpractice Defense in Albany, NY

NVNO has devoted its practice to defending physicians of all specialties and other medical professionals including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses against claims of negligence and malpractice. Our experienced attorneys are committed to defending physicians who have been sued by parties seeking damages for alleged medical errors and mistakes.

Experienced Malpractice Defense Attorneys

Our experienced medical malpractice defense attorneys have gained a deep understanding of the practice of medicine and the challenges faced by physicians in this litigious climate. We work closely with our medical professional clients and independent experts to prepare the best defense possible.

A Record of Succesful Malpractice Cases

We are proud of our record of successfully defending complex medical malpractice cases ranging from obstetrical malpractice, surgical errors, failure to diagnose/misdiagnose and wrongful death. We welcome the opportunity to defend physicians and other licensed medical professionals in all courts throughout the State of New York against claims of negligence and malpractice.

For representation by experienced defense attorneys, who understand how to prepare for litigation, and have a track record of success, please schedule a consultation by contacting us at (518) 862-9292 or