Defending Medical Device Claims in Albany, NY & Beyond

The litigators at NVNO are proud of our record of successfully defending complex claims involving medical devices.  We are experienced in defending claims brought against manufacturers and distributors of a broad range of medical devices.  In addition, our background in defending medical malpractice actions as well as product liability cases make us uniquely qualified to defend against claims that arise when a medical device fails to function as intended.

Trusted Legal Counsel At Every Step

Even before a lawsuit is commenced we assist with pre-action discovery, product inspections, document demands, interrogatories, and subpoenas.  We appear regularly in both State and Federal Court in product liability cases involving medical devices.

Here to Help You Prepare for Malpractice Defense

We work closely with our clients, in-house counsel and industry experts to achieve the best result, whether it is to prepare for trial, arbitration, mediation or negotiate an equitable settlement

For representation by experienced defense attorneys, who understand how to prepare for litigation, and have a track record of success, please schedule a consultation by contacting us at (518) 862-9292 or