At NVNO, our motor vehicle defense attorneys provide skilled legal counsel and litigation services to insurance companies and their insureds. Motor vehicle accidents range from minor fender benders to major accidents involving buses, motor coaches, and tractor-trailers. Our experienced attorneys have defended accidents ranging from those involving large trucks to passenger vehicles, as well as motor vehicle accidents involving farm equipment, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and pedestrians.

These accidents have included claims for personal injury, wrongful death, survival actions, extensive property damage, and environmental claims. Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in evaluating potential liability claims early on, and preparing to aggressively defend such claims. Whether the claim is serious or minor, our lawyer’s approach is one of cost-effectiveness, practicality, and common sense.

As a result, our attorneys are able to properly tailor the best possible defense to limit a client’s exposure to liability and damages . The firm’s experienced attorneys work with well-regarded experts in the fields of accident reconstruction and bio-mechanical reconstruction to develop a solid defense strategy.

Our motor vehicle defense attorneys have extensive experience in matters involving uninsured, underinsured and supplemental motorist (UM/UIM/SUM) coverage.

Our reputation for favorable results in motor vehicle defense is the result of thorough, aggressive representation and attentive, cost-conscious service. Call Napierski, VanDenburgh, Napierski & O’Connor, LLP at (518) 862-9292 or email us at info at