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When you need a labor law attorney well versed in both New York State and federal employment laws, turn to the lawyers at Napierski, VanDenburgh, Napierski & O’Connor, LLP.

Proudly serving Albany, NY and the surrounding community, our attorneys have experience handling a variety of cases from sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Whether your business has been accused of violating labor laws, or you need legal representation against an employer, our knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys are standing by to help you.

At Napierski, VanDenburgh, Napierski & O’Connor, LLP, our labor law attorneys work hard to protect the rights of both businesses and individuals to ensure that workplaces are free from discrimination. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, or have experienced a toxic work environment due to harassment or discrimination, contact our attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Our practice focuses on all aspects of employment law, including employment contracts, age discrimination, gender discrimination, race discrimination, sexual harassment, as well as pregnancy discrimination, and retaliation.

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